Know Before You Go The safety of both our visitors and staff is of utmost importance to the Fairview Ski and Snowboard Club. We are excited to get out on the slopes, but must do it safely – and therefore, we will be asking for your cooperation and patience as we navigate new COVID-19 Safety procedures. It is EVERYONE’s responsibility to keep each other safe. With this in mind, the first thing we ask of BOTH STAFF and VISITORS is to not come to the hill if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, including any of the following: • Fever • Cough • Shortness of Breath/Difficulty Breathing • Sore throat/chills • Painful swallowing • Runny Nose/Nasal Congestion The second thing we ask is that all those (visitors and staff) who come to the chalet and hill become familiar with and abide by the procedures below. Please note that these procedures may change without notice at any time as the COVID-19 situation evolves. For that reason, it is always recommended that you call the hill before visiting to ensure everything is running as expected. Face Coverings and Hand Hygiene Wash and/or disinfect your hands often, particularly when entering the chalet, after using the washroom, before eating, or after touching anything that doesn’t belong to you. Masks or appropriate face coverings (must be hands-free, cover both the nose and the mouth, and have at least 2 layers of fabric: ie., bandana, neck warmer, face mask, scarf, balaclava) MUST be worn at all times while indoors as well as while waiting in lift lines. Disposable masks will be available. Physical Distancing and Directional Signage Please maintain proper physical distance between yourself and anyone not in your cohort. Physical barriers will be placed where possible to help minimize contact between staff and visitors. In the event of a first aid situation, ski patrol will be provided and prepared with PPE (disposable gloves, masks). If a cohort member is present, they may be asked to attend to the person requiring first aid (with the support of ski patrol) to help limit contact. Please pay attention and follow signage directing foot traffic throughout the chalet. Some doors will be marked as “Entrance Only” and “Exit Only.” Please keep right and walk single-file, whether going up or down the staircase in the chalet. Buying Lift Tickets We will allow no more than 2 cohort groups in the rental/ticket desk area at a time. The downstairs window will be used for purchasing passes. Please do not come inside until you have paid for your rentals. Watch for signage when arriving at the hill. A standard liability waiver is required to purchase a lift ticket. Visitors are encouraged to print off and fill out a waiver form at home to bring it with them. Waivers can be found at When purchasing lift tickets, please send only 1 person from your cohort to the window, while others wait in the vehicle. Seasons pass holders must check in at the window for contact tracing purposes. Cubbies There will be no storage for personal belongings in the chalet. Please store all personal items in your vehicle. Chalet The kitchen will be open as normal, selling a variety of pre-packaged foods, drinks, and a fresh “homemade” meal option every day. Visitors are also welcome to bring their own food (note: microwaves will not be available for public use). Please ensure all garbage is placed in appropriate waste containers (indoors or outdoors). At this time, we are NOT implementing the REP. For this reason, indoor dining is not permitted, and the total capacity of the upstairs chalet will be limited to 17 persons. Washrooms Washrooms are available. Maximum 2 people in the washroom at a time. Washrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every evening after the chalet closes and frequent touch surfaces will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. Lifts When lining up to use the lifts, practice physical distancing (line up single-file). Face coverings are required in lift lines. T-bars will be loaded with 1 person per T-bar (with the exception of cohorts). Lifts will NOT be sanitized between riders. Sanitize your hands when you remove your mittens/gloves and avoid touching your mittens/gloves until ready to ride again. It is recommended you wash your mittens/gloves, toques, neck warmers, jackets, pants, etc. at home before using them again.