Ski Lessons

Ski lessons are offered every Sunday afternoon, please call the hill in advance to reserve your spot. Lessons are 1 hour long and cost $25.

Snowboard Lessons

Snowboard lessons are unfortunately not available this season.

First Timer Tips


Maintaining your body temperature in varying weather conditions is a tricky business. Because your personal comfort is the starting point, select clothing that is waterproof, breathable and loose fitting. Think in terms of layering by adding or taking off articles depending upon outside temperature and your level of exertion. The innermost layer should be long thermal underwear, either light or medium weight. Choose a fabric with wicking properties such as polypropylene to transport moisture away from the skin. Loose-fitting, insulated shell pants are preferable to tight stretch pants that tend not to be warm, waterproof or particularly comfortable for a beginner. For the upper body, you already have what you need in your closet – a turtleneck with a sweater or fleece (spun pile polyester) shirt. For the outer jacket, avoid the traditional ski parka in favor of a shell coat – insulated or not. Wear a pair of wool socks, and avoid double pairs of socks, which tend to chafe and bulk. Invest in a good pair of waterproof, breathable mittens or gloves.


Our rental shop will be a great place for you to get your equipment. When choosing equipment – boots, bindings, skis and poles – don't worry about performance subtleties. Let our experienced rental technician help you select a line of entry-level equipment. Choose boots that provide a relaxed, comfortable fit are easier to put on. There's no need to buy your gear at this point. Skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, and poles may all be rented from us. We recommends skiers and snowboarders of all ages wear a helmet at all times while skiing and boarding.


Once you're ready to hit the slopes, invest in lessons with a instructor. The Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance has standardized teaching methods nationally, so the instruction will be the same wherever you go.

Slopes for Beginners

One third of the terrain at the Fairview Ski Hill is beginner, which provides learning skiers and boarders with lots of variety. The rope tow on the bunny hill is the place to start for first timers.